Of changes and changing


Bruges, Belgium


Things will never be the same again
seasons change
day and night never fail to alternate
people come and go in life
a second later will never be the same as the one before.
And you,
you are dynamic
you keep on growing day by day
you can’t choose to stop yourself
from the natural growth created in you
and humans should experience more changes than any other creations do.
Changes are inevitable
physically, emotionally, spiritually
it happened even without you realising it.
Take a moment to look at yourself
to years before and today
you have had so many things going on
it was such a bumpy ride
you’ve met lots of new people with different characters,
being in a new surrounding,
in a different country even!
Adapting, adjusting, accepting
you sure are not the same person as you were.
When you perceive things from a different angle
you’ll realise that changes are not so bad after all.
So let’s accept them whole-heartedly
welcome them,
and not be afraid of them.
(no seriously, it’s not some kind of a monster that chew you up)


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